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Artist Bio

Laura Vecmane is a contemporary visual artist who has been expressing herself through several classical and experimental creative media - painting, mixed media, ephemeral art, ceramics, and sculpture since 2002.
Laura Vecmane was born in Latvia. She feels blessed to have had such origins, but life has taken her to many other beautiful places. She feels part of one Human family, and planet Earth is her home.
The early years of her artistic career were spent in Europe, studying art in Latvia, Denmark, and Spain. The multicultural influences, impressions of wild Nature, radiant light, rich and vivid colors, and scenes of daily life have been significant inspirations for Laura’s art. While studying the contemporary, Laura finds herself to be an old-school soul of timeless art. Looking at many great famous artists has given her the confidence not to define herself by just one art medium.
Laura currently lives and works in Maleny, Sunshine Coast, where she explores the motives of native Australian fauna and flora, still life, interiors, and people through her paintings. Life on land has inspired her many collaborations with Nature, and she feels passionate about further developing her artistic skills as a sculptor.

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