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Artist Statement

As an artist with many diverse ways of self-expression, I must take on the challenge to share what is my endeavor in art.
Impressions of light and colors often leave me marveling at the wonder of simplicity and the complex diversity of life. My inspirations are little poetic impressions, daily treasures, sensuality, and memories from my traveling times. Emotions drive my life's purpose. Feeling the space and others allows me to connect and often portray a unique perspective of our human soul. I feel a calling deep within my heart, full of longing to create a peaceful world where my art may serve as a sanctuary. I wish my artworks remind that storms and clouds pass moving seasons of life. The darkest nights, like earth herself, are here to nurture the seeds of our tomorrows. All that is growing is reaching toward the light. Many things may appear fragile in the ever-shifting and changing world, but the Spirit of Beauty and our creative potential are unbreakable!
I discover new things every time I do gardening. Living on land is forever expanding my way of understanding. Nature is delicate yet so resilient. Transformation is its power. When we notice and appreciate, we learn to care and nurture.

Creating the "Ephemeral Playtime" assemblages has also been a spiritual practice. These works are very intuitive. At times words follow the image, but other times image is born out of the intuitive message.

A new exciting chapter has started since I discovered sculpture. When I create with clay, I allow my hands to bring forth whatever they wish. They never stop impressing me. How clever our hands are!

Through my ceramics, I explore various designs present in nature, from seeds, sticks, leaves, and flowers, to simple patterns accruing in the elements - ripples in water, wind-moving grasses in the sand, and simple play of light and shadow. I have been delighted to explore the colors of different clays by watering them down to a consistency of paint and applying them on touch-dry clay before a single firing.

Here are some of my heroes in Art - Latvian painters - Felicita Pauluka, Eduards Kalnins, Imants Vecozols, Sanda Undzena, international artists - Claude Monet, Piere Bonnard, Giorgio Morandi, Skagen Painters, Olaf Host, Henri Matisse, Vanessa Bell, Andy Goldsworthy, Australian artists - Brett Whitely, Cressida Campbell, Peter Hudson.

As you might sense, I am a warrior at heart and keen to continue my quest to serve Beauty. May we all live up to our greatness and celebrate life through creative self-expression!

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