Artist Statement

I have been drawn to explore the theme of a merging of planes in a landscape, exterior, and interior as an open space of creative possibilities through the genre of painting. My large size paintings are works that significantly display my own way of discovering free self-expression and capturing elements of the daily life and surrounding scenery and combining these into amusing and exciting compositions, that reveal vivid emotions and playfulness of my own mind.


My colour palette is rich with a diverse range of subtle, pastel-like tones and many shades of white. These colours well represent my intentions to touch the soul of a viewer and awaken a sense of harmony and wellbeing. I am equally attracted to the motives of local fauna and flora, figurative painting and still life.
Through the attempts to co-create with Nature I allow my self to notice the creative possibilities around me and interact with a number of natural elements with the intention to study these, discover new ideas and co-create something wonderful.

Collections of my “Photographic Impressions” is a form of a digital notebook I keep to record my visual insights and inspirations. By sharing these I invite you to be the witness of that which one day might emerge in one of my paintings or another form of art.